Qualiprim… a responsible business

We are a Moroccan company founded in 1990 in the southern region of Souss and we grow and export tasty tomatoes and berries. We've built our success on our ability to learn quickly, experiment new approaches and conquer foreign markets.

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We are Qualiprim

Due to our geographical position and a mild weather, we are able to provide our customers with fresh and high quality products during the winter window.

This is who we are

Today, we operate on a land larger than 450 ha equipped with modern greenhouses. We manage over 5.000 workers with a deep respect of the Moroccan labor code and the international standards.

Our fruits are so tasty

To ensure the highest quality, we have onsite 25 units of production divided into 4 segments for blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and tomato, where we use various sustainable solutions.

Our awesome team

We are very lucky at Qualiprim to be surrounded by a dedicated team of young, but experienced managers, engineers and technicians, with very high agronomical skills.

This is our story

At Qualiprim, we produce blueberries (MBO: Eureka, Opi, Meridian & Twilight), raspberries (Diamond Jubilee & Sapphire), strawberries (Viva’s varieties), tomatoes on vine (Ateneo) and baby plum tomatoes (Sweetelle & Angelle).

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